Euroean bison breeding enclosure in Sycowice - first experiences


  • Wojciech Halicki Institute of Applied Ecology in Skórzyn
  • Dagmara Kołeczek-Sprawka Institute of Applied Ecology in Skórzyn
  • Bernadetta Nowoszyńska Institute of Applied Ecology in Skórzyn


European bison, breeding enclosure, Sycowice, Institute of Applied Ecology


After five years of efforts, the Institute for Applied Ecology in partnership with the European Bison Friends Society managed to build the first part of the bison enclosure. The construction was completed under the project ”Ex situ conservation of European bison Bison bonasus”. The project is in 85% funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development
Fund under the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme and the remaining 15% is co-financed by the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management. The second phase of infrastructure construction continues and will include the creation of the second part of the pen, terraces, independent health facilities, energy infrastructure and educational
facilities. At the moment, five bison presently reside there including three females (Pladora, Platynka and Pla˛tka), one male (Plarip) and a month old bison male. These bison came from Pszczyna’s enclosures in May 2012 and became the basis for the development of a new herd, the first within the Lubuski region. Daily observation has revealed the dynamic behaviour of
bison in their new conditions. Currently, the most of the time, animals spend on grazing. Local residents took the arrival of bison with great enthusiasm and pride. The presence of E. bison in the region is becoming popular and it is getting attention of the media. 



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Halicki, W., Kołeczek-Sprawka, D., & Nowoszyńska, B. (2012). Euroean bison breeding enclosure in Sycowice - first experiences. European Bison Conservation Newsletter, 5, 123–134. Retrieved from



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