Editorial process

1. The editorial process in European Bison Conservation Newsletter [Żubr i jego ochrona Biuletyn] is done by means of Open Journal System (submit). A SCHEME of the editorial process used in European Bison Conservation Newsletter has been published.  
2. An article submitted for publication will be initially evaluated for formal, content-related and linguistic.
3. In the case of non-compliance with the requirements contained in the PAPER SUBMISSION, the manuscript will neither be processed nor stored. A rejected manuscript can be re-submitted for publication after the amendments unless the Editorial Board decided otherwise.
4. Manuscripts that meet the initial requirements will be sent to review. Double-blind peer review is used in the journal (the review process is anonymous on both sides: authors and reviewers do not know each other's identities). Reviewers are requested to put their comments in the review form.
5. Based on the review, the Editorial Board decides whether to accept the manuscript for publication or to reject it. If accepted for publication, the Editorial Board asks the Author to respond to the Reviewers' comments and introduce necessary changes.  
6. Authors should make corrections in files (please activate the "track changes" option in MS Word file). After the proofreading is done, the author is obliged to send to the Editors the files with the corrections (text of the article, tables, figures, etc.) and detailed responses to the reviews.
7. In justified cases, the review process (change of reviewers) and author's proofreading is repeated.
8/9. After the article is accepted for publication and edited by the technical editorial office, the Editorial Board prepares the final version of the article in PDF version.
10. The Author receives the final paper by e-mail in the form of a PDF file for the final author's correction. In the revision, particular attention should be paid to the data in tables and figures. The correction of the author's work entered on the PDF file should be returned within 5 days.
11. The Author provides the Editorial Office with scans of the necessary documents (declaration and license).
12. The Editorial Board is publishing the paper.